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The Cockroach Trap and Circular Trap are currently unavailable for sale!

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Linear trap

This device is a very effective detector: it detects bedbugs at the beginning of the infestation. It is discrete.
The innovation:

This trap imitates the usual refuge of bedbugs. The insect willingly enters this trap. Then, it calls its congeners with chemical messages.

The bedbug trap does not contain any toxic substance. Children, dogs, cats, do not have access to the glue, nor to the stuck insects; no one can slip their fingers in this trap.

Itchy Go

Give your four-legged friend a resting place free of allergenic mites. This product eliminates allergenic dust mites from cat and dog baskets.

Recommended by 95% of veterinarians!


No side effects on animals or on the person applying the product.

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