DOMOBIOS, smart traps for a home without pests.

Eliminate crawling insects with TRAPS WITHOUT TOXIC INGREDIENTS.

The only traps on the market, which imitate a natural shelter for insects and which permanently, stick them by the back.

Insects voluntarily enter our traps, which look like natural shelters. Inside, insects are directed towards dead ends with a sloping ceiling that is covered with glue. The insects end up glued by their backs. They remain completely immobilized, until they starve to death. As they are stuck but not scared, they emit attractive chemical messages, for other insects to also come into the deadly trap*. This snowball effect is the result of the trap’s particular architecture, that sticks insects by the back without frightening them*.
Our traps are patented in many countries (Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, China,…).

*  On each of the presentation pages of our products, you can request comparative studies carried out by independent laboratories.

Eliminate allergenic mites living in dog or cat baskets

Houses, hotels and restaurants are invaded by insects and other small household pests such as mites.
They are everywhere, in beds, cupboards, behind the fridge, even in the baskets of dogs or cats.

Crawling insects and mites cause allergies, stings, itching, dirt.

Your customers go crazy, they run away from your hotels and restaurants, or wander desperately through the aisles of your store.

You hope that you can get rid of these crawlers with chemical treatments …

But the toxic products on the market have lost their efficacy; over the years, insects have become resistant to insecticides.

DOMOBIOS develops smart and effective traps, to eliminate crawling insects and mites, and without toxic products.


Hotel and Restaurant owners:

Welcome your customers, not insects. Crawling insects can put you at risk of a forced closure for sanitary reasons.
Use our effective traps against bedbugs and cockroaches.

Pest control and specialized DIY stores:

Your customers are invaded by small pests but your offer in insect control products is limited. In addition, you would like to offer effective and toxic-free products.
Eradicate bedbugs and cockroaches from your client’s home without poisoning the client.
Help your clients with innovative and effective products.


Allergenic mites are omnipresent by the thousands in the baskets of dogs and cats. Could they be the root cause for the problems with your client’s pet you see in your office?

Groomers breeders:

Do your customers have dogs and cats that suffer from allergies? Could it be due to the presence of allergenic mites? Advise your customers and offer them a safe product that helps remove mites from baskets.
We now know that allergenic mites infest the sleeping places of pets.
A regular treatment of these places will avoid many problems.

Smart traps.

Smart traps without toxic products that lure the little pests by imitating their natural shelters, and keep them stuck until they die.

“Know your enemy to better fight them”

said Sun Tzu, in the Art of War.

In the war against insects, chemical control was already used at the time of ancient Greece. Indeed, 3 millennia ago, sulphur and arsenic were used as insecticides. Then, as time went on, other toxics were added to the arsenal of chemical insecticides, which kept on growing as agriculture intensified.

Unfortunately, we now know that these toxins have an impact on animal and human health, and on the environment. Sometimes these toxins completely miss their goal, because their target, the insect pest, is little known and/or poorly understood. Finally, the fact that insects become resistant to these toxins increasingly limits their effectiveness.

At Domobios, we have therefore chosen not to focus on chemical control. We decided to study our enemy, the pest, well before trying to eliminate it. Each species, bedbugs, mites, cockroaches, has been observed and its behaviour has been studied for several years. Our traps have been submitted to numerous effectiveness tests.

The result: Our traps are more effective and better suited to their target.

Who are we ?

Hello, I’m Anne-Catherine Mailleux, biologist and director of Domobios. I’m a senior entomologist, I am an expert, I have a PhD in Science and a MBA. I have studied the behaviour of insects and mites in at several universities, written over a hundred articles, participated in conferences, and appeared in numerous popular television shows.

In 2013, I founded, with Pierre Buffet, the company Domobios. Domobios is a research and development company, specialized in the fight against insects and mites. Our researchers study the target animals, their biology, their needs, their environment. All the researchers have a solid background in the establishment of insects rearings, working with experimental protocols, studying the chemical communication between insects and how they select their habitats, plus the development of prototype traps, including 3D printing … and testing and testing and testing.

Domobios collaborates with individuals (insect harvesting, field tests); with designers who help us develop prototypes; with universities in Belgium and France; with lawyers and experts in the intellectual property protection of our products as well as with individual experts and companies passionate about the control of harmful insects.


Our goal: to offer effective and toxic-free products.

Domobios™ and Itchy-Go™ are Trademark.

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