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Detect and eliminate household insects with effective traps

Domobios products are effective, non-toxic and safe for animals and children.


Patented products

All our traps are patented in many countries.

Pièges naturels

Natural traps

Our products do not contain any toxic substances.

Efficacité prouvé

Proven effectiveness

Many comparative studies have proven the effectiveness of our traps.

Efficacité prouvé

Our strengths

Our products are environmentally friendly, safe for children, dogs and cats.

Our effective solutions for private individuals

Eliminate cockroaches

Discover our traps to detect and eliminate cockroaches

Eliminer Cafards grâce à des PIÈGES SANS PRODUIT TOXIQUE

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Discover our traps to detect and eliminate bed bugs

Eliminer punaises de lit grâce à des PIÈGES SANS PRODUIT TOXIQUE

Eliminate allergenic mites from your pet’s basket

Discover our traps to eliminate dust mites from your dog or cat’s basket.

Itchy-Go anti-acariens de Domobios, une solution efficace et rapide pour supprimer les acariens allergisants. Sans produit toxique et sans effet secondaire.

We propose patented traps without toxic substances in our eshop

Eliminate domestic insects such as mites, bedbugs, cockroaches from your home!

Why choose our solutions

Domobios Punaises de lit

Homes, hotels or restaurants are invaded by insects and other small pests such as dust mites.
They are everywhere: in the beds, the cupboards, behind the fridge and even in the baskets of the dogs or cats.

Are you trying to get rid of these creepy pests with chemical treatments?
But toxic products, insecticides, are working less and less well.

Over time, the insects have become resistant to insecticides.

Our traps are designed to eliminate household insects naturally, without any insecticides.

Eliminer supprimer Cafards grâce à des PIÈGES SANS PRODUIT TOXIQUE

Our efficient solutions for professionals

Hotel and Restaurant owners

Welcome your customers, not the bugs. 
If you don’t detect the problem with a good device, if you don’t act quickly, you risk a health closure and your reputation may suffer. 
Use our effective traps against bed bugs and cockroaches.

Pest control & specialized DIY shops

Your customers are being invaded by small pests, but your insect control offerings are limited. The regulations are complex and changing. It is hard to follow the last changes. Help your customer effectively and direct them to innovative, easy-to-use products, which will not bring any regulatory difficulties for you.


Allergenic dust mites are present in hundreds of thousands of individuals in the baskets of dogs and cats. They can trigger dermatological problems for dogs and cats.
Help atopic dogs and cats by relieving them of the allergenic load represented by the mites.

Breeders - Groomers

Do your clients have dogs and cats with skin allergies? Could it be due to the presence of allergenic dust mites? Advise your customers and propose them a safe product that helps to eliminate dust mites from baskets.

We propose easy-to-use and effective devices for businesses and professionals.

Our strengths

No toxic products

Certified efficiency.

Scientific and biological research.

Solutions for individuals and companies.

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They talk about us

“Dust mites “swarm” around houses, migrating as a group in search of moisture, according to a new study.”


“A group of ethologists — animal behaviorists — have demonstrated that these mites migrate through our homes in crowds.”


“Étudier la biologie des acariens, des punaises et d’autres créatures nuisibles afin de les combattre d’autant plus efficacement, c’est ce que fait la spin-off Domobios.”


“A en juger par les premières commandes, son piège à punaises de lit semble promis à un bel avenir commercial.”


They trust us :

Certificat Certipunaise Domobios

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