Who we are ?


Domobios is a research and development company, a spin-off of two Belgian universities. Our main activities are research, development, production and sales of products developed to control and eliminate small pests such as house dust mites, cockroaches, bedbugs …

We are biologists, and bio-engineers, specialized in the study of the behaviours of pests. We study the biology of these little pests, particularly the way they communicate with each other and the places where they like to shelter. Then, we imitate their communication (bio-mimicry) in order to lure them out of their usual shelter towards deadly traps.

We do not use synthetic insecticides to eliminate these pests; our traps pose no harm to human health.


Our mission is to offer effective, smart, ecological and sound solutions in order to control small domestic pests (mites, insects, etc.).


A better domestic and professional environment.


The 3 founding pillars of our company are: dynamism, innovation and honesty.

Domobios SA

Company number : 0502-974-197

30, Clos Chapelle-aux Champs – Boite 1.30.30
1200 Brussels

Phone: +32 (0)496 78 89 33
Email: acmailleux@domobios.com

8, Rue de la Science
6900 Aye

Phone: +32 (0)496 78 89 33
Email: acmailleux@domobios.com

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