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Linear trap

This trap attracts bed bugs by mimicking their natural shelters. It is made of
small cells in which bedbugs like to crawl.

This trap imitates the usual refuge of bedbugs. The insect enters this trap willingly. Then, it calls its congeners with chemical messages, even when it is glued.

The linear trap does not contain any toxic substances, insecticides, you can use it without worrying about its impact on your health.


You have a smoke detector in your home. That’s very safe and smart. But do you have a bed bug detector?

If you’ve ever suffered from the presence of these dreadful insects, you know how vital it is to detect them early and react quickly. And if you have treated your home, you also know how important it is to watch for a potential return of these insects.

Quickly detect bed bugs in your room, in your hotel room, in your office, in your luggage… 

These traps are easy to use and do not contain dangerous toxic products! The secret of our effectiveness: our traps stick the insect by the back, with an effective adhesive. These detector traps are easily installed in less than 2 minutes, around the bed.

The linear trap, the real detector 

  • The trap effectively detects the presence of bed bugs.
  • Built to look like a perfect hiding place for bed bugs seeking refuge. Then the bugs enter and are glued by the back.
  • Insects enter the trap and are glued by the back
  • Preventive or curative effect for small populations.

This trap-detector is suitable for home and hotel rooms. It is also suitable for detecting bedbugs in luggage 

Instructions for use (can also be found on the packaging):


  1. Place double-sided tape on the back of the trap (unprinted plastic part) to secure the trap in the most suitable location. 
  2. Remove the protection from the adhesive surface
  3. Place the trap between the headboard and the mattress
  4. The trap should be placed with the printed surface (Domobios text) so that
    the insect enters and is stuck by the back. So if the trap is placed on the ground, the sticky cardboard part should be at the top. On the other hand, if the trap is placed under the bed, the sticky cardboard part must be at the bottom. Thus the insects are always glued by their back.
  5. Discard the traps when they are full of insects.


  • Dispose of hygienically after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • The Domobios trap is a device patented by the research and development company Domobios SA.

How to use this trap?

Bedbugs that crawl into the cells of the trap are permanently captured by glue spread on the ceiling of the trap. This trap detects bedbugs as soon as the invasion begins. 

Our trap is narrow and very flat, like the crevices and cracks in which bedbugs like to shelter.

In this trap, the glue is spread not on the ground but under the sloping roof of the trap. This prevents bed bugs from detecting the glue with their feet as they crawl into the trap.

Eliminer supprimer punaises de lit grâce à des PIÈGES SANS PRODUIT TOXIQUE
Eliminer supprimer punaises de lit grâce à des PIÈGES SANS PRODUIT TOXIQUE

As the bugs enter the small cells of the trap, they get stuck by their backs without realizing it.
When they are stuck, they do not stress because they feel safe. Instead, they call other bed bugs with chemical messages, called aggregative pheromones, which are specific and attractive scents.

The more bugs captured in the trap, the more aggregative pheromones and chemical messages will be sent and the more attractive the trap will become. 

You will be able to detect the presence of the insects easily because the trap is translucent: the glued bugs are visible through the plastic floor, by lifting the trap.

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