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Itchy-Go is a product specially developed for the well-being of animals. Itchy-Go is the simple solution to eliminate the problems caused by allergenic mites living in the baskets of dogs, cats, sofas, all the padded places where our little friends rest.

Recommended by 95% of vets who tested the product!


No side effects on animals or on the person applying the product.


ItchyGo®: Prevents and treats dust mite infestation. Scientifically proven to eliminate dust mites that infest bedding, chairs, sofas, rugs, blankets, mattresses and furniture wherever your dog sleeps.  It is a gentle and effective alternative to harsh chemicals. It does not irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. It can be used on all padded areas of your home.

Easy to use: Itchy-Go is a solution that attracts dust mites out of your dog’s sleeping areas and eliminates them.

Itchy-Go anti-acariens de Domobios, une solution efficace et rapide pour supprimer les acariens allergisants. Sans produit toxique et sans effet secondaire.

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  • NO CHEMICALS: a safe alternative to aggressive insecticides or concentrated essential oils that irritate sensitive areas of the animal’s skin and only kill mites that live on the surface of the litter, which is 5% of the mites.
  • Itchy-Go attracts mites outside the litter box to eliminate them.
  • Strong enough to completely eliminate 98-100% of mites from the litter box.

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Frequency of use
  • The first month of treatment: 1X / week 
  • After the first month of treatment: 1X / month

Itchy-Go does not stain the substrate when applied.

How to use it ?

1 • Place a bath towel on the resting spot


  • Use a 100% cotton bath towel (terry towel) of dark colour and of a size that fully covers the resting spot.
  • This bath towel can be new or old, at your convenience.
  • Place this bath towel on the basket.
  • The bath towel must be in direct contact with the area to be treated, so do not leave any space between that area and the bath towel.
  • The animal can have access to the treatment area, as long as it leaves the bath towel perfectly in place.

2 • Spray the attractive Itchy-Go solution


  • Unscrew the bottle cap and screw on the spraying device.
  • Shake the bottle well before each use.
  • Spray the attractive solution evenly on the bath towel from a height of 12 inches (30 cm).

Respect the number of sprays corresponding to the size of the area to be treated (see table below).
Our solution does not stain your sofa.

3 • Remove the bath towel and wash it in the machine


After 1 hour of treatment, remove the bath towel and wash the towel at 140° F (60° C) before the next use.

The mites who migrated from the animals resting spot into the more attractive bath towel will be eliminated in the washing machine.

When washing, be careful not to use a softener or other scented substances. This will ensure that the towel is not polluted by any other odour when reusing for the next treatment.

4 • Eliminate allergens


Vacuum the entire area. This step is essential to remove the allergens left by the mites in the basket.

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