Save your customers from harmful insects, without toxic products!

Eliminate cockroaches and bedbugs from your customer’s homes, thanks to simple, effective traps, without toxic products!

The secret of our effectiveness: our traps stick the insect by the back, with a non-toxic glue.
Your customers will love the simplicity of our patented traps.
The traps are easily installed in less than 2 minutes, around the bed (bed bugs) or in the kitchen (cockroaches).

[Independent laboratories have tested our traps and confirm their effectiveness. Contact us for free details of these comparative studies.]


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Your customers complain in despair that the other traps are not working very well …

And the insects keep coming back again and again …

  • Disgust, allergies to cockroaches, bedbug bites. The products that you have used yourself and/or sold to your customers were not working… You fear the complaint of a customer on social networks.
  • A customer is might even sue you for negligence in the face of the risk of contamination or transmission of diseases.
  • And what about a customer who accuses you of having intoxicated him because he is not feeling well, and his baby has fallen ill since your treatment. Because the insects are back
  • Your customers suspect you have deliberately infested their home in order to obtain an extermination contract. Who will still contact you to eliminate the insects?
  • Customers are sick. They accuse you of having delayed your intervention to justify a higher bill because of a larger infestation.
  • Insects flee the pungent bad smell of insecticides. As soon as the smell is gone, they come back.
  • Use of toxic products. Is this still tolerated by your customers and what about the health of your customers and your staff!

Cockroaches or bedbugs:
save your customers from harmful insects, without the use of toxic products.


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They already trust us.

No one is immune from an infestation of bedbugs or cockroaches.

The start beginning of an infestation must be identified quickly, with products that are not harmful to human health. After every treatment, a possible re-infestation must be effectively monitored.

Insecticides don’t sell as well as before. The public considers them dangerous and the regulations have become draconian making sales fall. Customers are looking for new kinds of products. Customers buying your products expect excellent quality but often the traps do not work very well and the bugs are still there.

It’s up to you to offer effective products to detect or prevent an infestation.

We anticipated the change in regulations on toxic products. Here are our safe, quality traps to quickly detect, monitor and control cockroach or bedbug infestations.

Cockroaches or bedbugs, offer your customers the right treatment to eradicate these creatures.

Why are our traps the most effective on the market?

The particularity of an effective trap against harmful insects:

It considers the behavioural habits of the insect and uses them to trap them.

  • the trap looks like a shelter: it is made of materials appreciated by insects, and it mimics the natural shelters of crawling insects. Animals are happy to come in because this trap looks like their usual refuge.
  • our trap is not repellent. Most of the traps that you can buy work with glue that is spread on the floor of the trap. Bedbugs and roaches however are repelled by the touch of their legs to the glue and will turn around. Our traps have glue on the underside of the roof and as such not detectable by the insect that will happily enter our trap to find itself glued with its back to the roof before it has a chance to turn around.


  • our trap gradually becomes more and more attractive: it does not frighten insects already caught. On the contrary, the glued insects emit some chemical signals that attract others to come and join them. The more insects that are glued, the more attractive the trap becomes.

Traps help prevent re-infestation by capturing the first individuals. In addition, they are your detectors.

The peculiarity of an effective trap against cockroaches or bedbugs: it must respect the habits of the insect to better trap it.

Why should insecticides against cockroaches and bedbugs be avoided as much as possible?

As you know, the insecticides present major well-known drawbacks, they can be toxic to humans, some are very persistent (they remain in our environment and keep their toxicity for a long time) and they cause insects to become resistant. Of course, the dose and the repetition of the treatments are important.

By repeating insecticide treatments, humans provoke a natural selection whereby insects whose metabolism can resist to toxics can freely multiply without any possible control.

As you may have noticed, insecticides have a pungent smell. Unpleasant to humans and insects, who will flee from it and thereby escaping the treatment.

As a reminder :

Avoid as much as possible, especially in the presence of children: organochlorines and organophosphates, which present an acute toxicity. Carbamates are also toxic to mammals and humans. In addition, they are ineffective on resistant insects.

  • Prefer a well-targeted use of pyrethroids and insect growth regulators.
  • Please note that pyrethroids are among the least toxic. However, they poison the water (aquarium) and are very persistent. They also cause resistance in insects, but there are not many alternatives.


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Summary of advice to give to your customers

Early detection and a good trapping system can prevent the beginning of an infestation.


1 • Adapt the environment to avoid their proliferation

Eliminate all possible sources of water and food for insects.

  • Clean the garbage cans, empty the trash cans, close them tightly.
  • Clean kitchens, store food in airtight containers.
  • Remove false ceilings, hollow plinths, plug wall cracks in kitchens, etc.

2 • Detect an infestation in its early days

Propose to set traps where insects like to hide, in crevices, wall cracks, in kitchen cabinets under sinks, behind fridges, in bathrooms.

3 • Stop proliferation with appropriate treatment

Suggest that your customers use effective traps behind all refrigerators and electrical appliances.

4 • If the cockroaches are still present

  • Apply a local insecticide (only if cockroaches still present).
  • Target specific locations.
  • Remind your customers that whatever molecules are used, none of them are safe.
  • Aerosol treatments have disastrous health effects, especially on children. Favour local treatments!
  • Seal potential entrances (sealant).

5 • Set up detector traps to control the effectiveness of the treatment and avoid re-infestation

Propose to your customers to place traps where insects like to hide.


1 • Control the environment to avoid proliferation

Recommend that your customers clean regularly and remove any possible hiding places:

  • Examine ALL sides of the beds.
  • Inspect the electrical outlets.
  • Inspect wallpaper tears, picture frames, smoke detectors, and anything else hanging on the wall or ceiling.
  • With a flashlight and a magnifying glass, look for small black dots (droppings) under the mattress, on the slats of the box spring, along the bed frame, and on objects close to the bed (bedside table).

2 • Detect a possible infestation

Propose to your customers to place our traps where insects like to hide, in crevices, wall cracks, behind the headboard, under the mattress and between the headboard and the mattress.

3 • Stop proliferation with an appropriate treatment


  • Offer your customers to use effective traps without toxic products (heat treatment).
  • Recommend cleaning the rooms thoroughly (vacuum cleaner).
  • And seal potential entrances (sealant).

4 • If the bed bugs are still present

Tell your customers to steam clean, at 120° C, in all nooks of the room.

Please note that cleaning with insecticides presents a danger of toxicity for your staff and customers.

5 • Avoid re-infestation

Suggest placing our traps where insects like to hide : in crevices, wall cracks, behind the headboard, under the mattress and between the headboard and the mattress.


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